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Forthcoming Conference on 16th International Conference on Structural and Molecular Biology January 23-24 ,2020 Bangkok, Thailand.

Conference Series LLC Ltd insists participants from all over the world to clock in “16th International Conference on Structural and Molecular Biology” during January 23-24 ,2020 in Bangkok, Thailand which includes precise keynote, presentations Oral talks, poster presentation, and Exhibitions. The theme of the conference this year is “Exploration of Building blocks for advancing structural biology” which assures an exceptional scientific program promoting many acclaimed and logic tormenting speakers.

The upcoming Structural biology 2020 focuses on Cancer  and drug delivery treatment, diagnosis, prevention, and study of  biomolecules , rug Designing and Biomarkers. This conference will also present advanced research, advanced techniques for treatment of health conditions and lifestyle-related to structural biology  and cancer Therapy.

The participants can exchange and share their research results covering the scientific aspect of structural biology  & bio molecules, cancer , Proteomics and Genomics , Rehabilitation Methods, Advancements in treatment for cancer

The conference will encourage Young Researcher’s Forum, scientists and the researchers in their early stage of career graph to widely discuss their outcome so as to enrich and develop the idea. The ‘Best Poster Award’ is meant to encourage students in taking an active part in the International Science platform to sharpen their skills and knowledgebase.


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