Role of Pharmaceutical industry in public health

Each and every person has the right to a healthy lifestyle, including food, shelter, and most importantly medical care. The main responsibility of public health lies in the hands of the Pharmaceutical sector. Solving the issues of the right to health is not just about promising the absence of illness, disability. Realizing the basic health requirements of the common people including those who cannot afford it, such as proper nutrition and supplements. There should be more researches towards designing and developing medications that are easily available, accessible and effective.

Most of the illness that is affecting the population can be treated/ prevented using medication. Today, there are around two billion people worldwide i.e., more than 80% of the population in the low-income countries have insufficient or zero access to medication, vaccines, and basic medical care.

If we look at the scenario it might seem that making the medicines affordable will solve the problem, but that only does not promise any success. There is an urgent need to develop effective medication and making them available to the common people. Additional efforts are also being made towards advocating the people on the importance of their own wellbeing, through campaigns, advertising and many more.

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