It all started with an extra chromosome

Every time a species becomes endangered, scientists and conservationists come out with numerous plans and solutions for their survival and protection, but what happens when a part human population is at risk of their survival.

Thus, Conference series LLC LTD is hosting Down syndrome 2020 inviting all the participants from all over the globe to the World Congress on Down syndrome, Autism & Cerebral Palsy, scheduled during July 22-23, 2020 at Melbourne, Australia with a theme “Let’s stand up for Down syndrome and focus on abilities, not disabilities”.

People with Down syndrome have moderate intellectual disabilities, but despite the challenges they face, they are still perfectly able to fit in many work environments. All they required is specialized education and training. If the barrier is removed from disabled to differently-abled, then people with Down syndrome can also live life with self-esteem and dignity.

The goal of Down Syndrome 2020 is to furnish an outstanding program for the exchange of ideas and authentic vision by Worlds leading Scientists, Doctors, and Researchers covering the entire spectrum of research in Neurological and Psychological syndromes and diversified involvement of various treatments.

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